Friday, 15 November 2013

Women Who Cared for Their Child by Passing on Their Sincere Faith (II Tim 1:5-6, 14-15)

The grandmother Lois and the mother Eunice are mentioned in relation to their child
Timothy. In Lystra Paul's, the great missionary and Timothy's paths crossed (Acts
16:1-2).  Paul was greatly impressed by him. Brothers in Lystra and Iconium spoke well of him to Paul. He came to know that Timothy was a son of a Jewess who believed in Jesus and his father was a Greek. Timothy became Paul's companion in his missionary journey. Thus began a strong bond between them. Paul saw in Timothy a faithful minister of God and entrusted many responsibilities to him.

Paul calls Timothy his “true child in the faith” (I Tim 1:2). He enjoyed Timothy's company that Paul asked him to come to him (II Tim 4:9).  Paul wrote two letters to Timothy to encourage him as a leader. His name is mentioned in 6 books of the New Testament.
Passing on the Sincere Faith

How did Timothy, a half Greek, who lived in a Roman city become a Christian and later a prominent leader of the church? The answer is in II Tim 3:14-15 which shows the role of his mother and grandmother in his life. From his infancy he knew the Holy Scriptures. Who might have taught him? I believe it is his mother and grandmother. Thus they left a legacy- a legacy of “sincere faith” (II Tim 1:5). Sincere faith was his inheritance.

Even in an unfavorable environment, a devoted Jewish mother and grandmother built a strong
foundation for Timothy’s faith by teaching him Scriptures from his infancy. They were not
influential women, yet simple ordinary women. But their gift for the Kingdom of God was
precious-A great man of God.

Timothy’s mother and grandmother gave him God, scriptures, and sincere faith. Some of us are
mothers and grandmothers. What have we given to our children? What do you like to give them?
We may have properties, treasures, bank balance and many other good gifts for them. These are
temporary. Yet these good things will aid in their wellbeing only if they fear the Lord and serve him.
Giving all the good stuff without God will not enable them to enjoy the gifts. With God
they will can enjoy the blessing of God and these gifts.

We really need to ask the question along with John Westerhoff, the Christian educator -Will the
children in my home, my church have faith? Faith comes from hearing the Word and experiencing
Christ in the faith community. How diligent are we in caring for our children by teaching the Word
of God? We may be busy helping children to be knowledgeable with their school subjects but what
about the Word of God? How diligent are we to take our children to prayer meetings so that they
can be with the faith community? Many of us in India prefer special tuition to worship thus
allowing children to skip Sunday worship.

Now think about children in our churches. Who will teach them Who will pass on
the faith to them? Can we take time to pray and introduce them to the Scripture through Sunday
School? Can we encourage them by a phone call when they are troubled? Can we let them know
that we care for them when they are away for studies or job?

Lord, let me not be engrossed in many limiting life situations. Let me not overlook my role in God's 

plan for children around me. Amen

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