Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home,
Where I was a child, where my siblings and I, laughed, played and argued
Where we cried and laughed together
Whose walls echoed our shouting, rooms witnessed our deeds.

As the needle moved
My second home appeared where my husband and I,
made our home,
Where our children were born,
We share our joys and sorrows,
Where our kids laugh, play and argue
Whose walls have their fingerprints and rooms have stories to recite.

As the needle moves they will move to their own homes
And they and we, joined with many others will go to our eternal home-
Our home with Jesus where others and us,
Will laugh, play, and sing
Where the walls will echo our praises and rooms behold His Glory
We never have to switch the home again
Home, sweet home

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